Record of Changes

Overview of changes in documentation from previous editions.

The newest are at the end.

Version Edition Segment Change description
older   ClearSilver parameters reference Added more email templates
2.30   Contact merger Added contact merger concept, tasks and email template
    ClearSilver parameters reference Added a new CS parameter
2.31   Automated keyset management Added AKM concept, components, task and email templates
2.32   Handle format validation Added configurable handle format validation
    Domain name format validation Added configurable domain name format validation
2.33 1.0 EPP Reference Manual Added mailing address extension of contacts
    Error reasons New texts of EPP error reasons
  1.1 General features Added record statements feature, component and email template
  1.2 Managed objects Added divergence from the standards of object mapping in FRED EPP
    Technical checks Expanded on the concept of technical checks
2.34 1.0 Release Notes Added release notes
    Diagram of FRED components Removed dependency on fred-logd from fred-pifd
    Regular procedure and Separate object deletion Procedures accept object types by name, new argument, removed dependency on fred-rifd
  1.1 Contact merger and Merge contacts Criteria of destination contact selection in an automatic merger, some minor rephrasing
    Update domain Mention of nsset and keyset unlinking with empty elements
2.35 1.0 Release Notes Added release notes for FRED 2.35
    How to migrate email data to FRED 2.35 An ad-hoc guide to database upgrade specifics in this release
    System requirements Increased minimum version of PostgreSQL
    Customization, CSParams Changed email template database table name
    Features, Features, Components, Components, Task Generation of historical record statements in Daphne
    Features admin New administration feature to manage objects
    Source code Added list of GitHub repositories
    ORB parameters Added minimum omniORB settings for FRED servers
2.36 1.0 Release Notes Added release notes for FRED 2.36
    Concepts Extracted to a separate publication
    Life cycle of registrable objects Added object life cycle
    Contacts Added contacts
  1.1 Installation from source tarballs Upgraded installation procedure to use source from GitHub, new signing key for secure apt
  1.2 Release Notes Added release notes for the version 2.36.1; upgraded to a newer Sphinx
2.37 1.0 Release Notes Added release notes for FRED 2.37.0
    General features Added GDPR compliance as a new FRED feature
    Policies & rules of disclosure Added a new chapter
    Create contact, Update contact, Info contact Improved explanations about information disclosure
    Object update Added a poll-message type about contact update
    Registrable objects administration Added a new public-request type
    Processing public requests Added a cronjob to process public requests for personal information
    ClearSilver parameters reference Added a new email template for sending personal information
  1.1 Release Notes Added release notes for the version 2.37.1
    Considerations for upgrade to FRED 2.37 Added considerations before upgrading
    Contact merger Corrected the definition of identical contacts
    Automatic contact merger Added a cronjob
  1.2 System requirements Discontinued support for Ubuntu 14
    Installation of binaries on Ubuntu Updated the installation script and its description
  1.3 Adding a registrar memo to annual reminders Added a configurable database table
    Billing Added a very general description of handling money in the FRED
    ClearSilver parameters reference Reviewed mail template parameters
  1.4 EPP client workflow Added a description of a general EPP client workflow
    RDAP API Reference Added an RDAP reference guide
  1.5 Users and user interfaces Added an introduction to FRED’s users and user interfaces
    Communication Added an overview of FRED’s communication (notifications, warnings, etc.)
    Public features Added a list of Public interface features
  1.6 Audit log feature, Audit log concept Added the audit log
    Distributed deployment example Added an example of distributed deployment
2.38 1.0 Release Notes Added release notes for FRED 2.38.0, 2.37.3 and 2.37.2
    Considerations for upgrade to FRED 2.38 Added considerations before upgrade
    Invoicing and banking CZ-specific,
The Future of Payments & Invoices,
Blackbox model,
Top-level components,
Import & pairing of payments,
Assign a payment to a registrar
Added or changed according to PAIN Phase 1 (see the release notes)
    Disclosure of information, Contact information disclosure, Policies & rules of disclosure Changed disclosure policies to configurable
    Install “D” packages Marked more packages as ported to setuptools
    Adding zone name servers Changed syntax of the command
    Resolve a public request Changed the name of the status of new public requests
    Life cycle parameters Revised configuration of basic db parameters
    /AdminManual/Extensions, CORBA clients Removed CZ-specific front-end extensions, because they are not released to the public
    Installation of binaries on Ubuntu Revised the installation process a tiny bit
  1.1 Release Notes Corrected the note in 2.38.0 about the sendauthinfo bugfix
  1.2 Release Notes Added release notes for FRED 2.38.1
  1.3 System requirements Updated supported Fedora versions
    Installation of binaries on Ubuntu, Installation of binaries on Fedora or RHEL/CentOS Updated installation procedures
  1.4 Release Notes Added release notes for FRED 2.38.{2,3,4,5} and FRED 2.39.0