Considerations for upgrade to FRED 2.38

Registry operator (Daphne users)

Saved search filters in Daphne will be removed with the database upgrade. You will have to re-create them and save them again.


Registrars will have to upgrade the CLI EPP client.

Payments processing

Registry operator

If you have been using FRED’s payments processing as it is, you should know that Daphne doesn’t provide pairing of payments anymore. This function was moved to Django PAIN.

If you have been using the part of billing in FRED, which is performed by transproc calls of fred-admin and WebAdmin (payment processing & pairing), you should consider installing two new components: django-pain and fred-pain, upgrading transproc and using django-pain web admin.

Also, you need to migrate payments to PAIN database:

  • upgrades/2.34.0-2.35.0-01.sql – add UUID column to bank_payment table (among other upgrades)

  • upgrades/2.34.0-2.35.0-02-superuser-dump-table.sql
    • exports bank accounts to CSV

    • exports payments to JSON – fix escaping in the output file with the command:

      sed -e "s/\\\\/\\/g" /var/lib/postgresql/payments-export-for-pain.json > /var/lib/postgresql/payments-export-for-pain-fixed.json
  • copy the fixed JSON to the PAIN node

  • run PAIN migration script, such as:

    DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=pain_cfg.settings < payments-export-for-pain-fixed.json
    • migration is logged with the standard PAIN log

    • migration script can be run repeatedly, previously imported payments are skipped

  • upgrades/2.34.0-2.35.0-03-drop-table.sql – drop payments tables from FRED.

Disclosure configuration

Registry operator

Disclosure policy of the EPP server is configurable at last!

You should add new configuration values in your fred-rifd (back end) and mod-eppd (front end) configuration files after the upgrade. At least the contact_data_filter and default disclosure flags for attributes absent in the schemas should be configured, otherwise contact creation and update will fail.

The public

Remember that the disclosure preferences affect, which contact information can be seen in WHOIS and RDAP.