2.1. Ferda webadmin features

See also Introduction.

2.1.1. General

  • Two basic languages (CS, EN)

  • Two-factor user authentication via FIDO2 tokens (optional)

  • User permissions

  • Referenced objects are linked by hypertext (object handles, attached files)

  • Logging via gRPC

  • Viewing object details

  • Viewing registrar details

  • Basic or detailed view

  • Comparison of two points in history side by side

  • Search in recent data

  • Search in historic data Configurables

  • Django and apps settings

  • State flags grouping

  • State flags descriptions

2.1.2. In development

  • Completely new contact verification process with representatives for non-EU countries

  • Attaching files to objects

  • List of domains linked to one contact

  • Full history summary downloadable as a PDF file

  • Logging into logger

  • Messages (all e-mails, sms and letters in one place)

  • Advanced object lists and reports