3. Registrar features

These are the features that the FRED EPP server provides to registrars.

They are common to both the FRED-client command-line interface and the API library. The FRED-client has some extra features of its own in addition to the raw EPP service.

3.1. General requests

  • Discover the service
  • Login into a session
  • Logout from the session
  • Get info about credit
  • Read and discard poll notifications
  • List objects in management

3.2. Manage domains

  • Check availability of a domain
  • Create a domain
  • Get info about a domain
  • Delete a domain
  • Renew a domain
  • Transfer a domain
  • Update a domain
  • Send authorization information of a domain to emails of the contacts linked with the domain

3.3. Manage contacts

  • Check availability of a contact
  • Create a contact
  • Get info about a contact
  • Delete a contact
  • Transfer a contact
  • Update a contact
  • Send authorization information of a contact to emails of the contact

3.4. Manage nssets

  • Check availability of an nsset
  • Create an nsset
  • Get info about an nsset
  • Delete an nsset
  • Transfer an nsset
  • Update an nsset
  • Request a technical check of an nsset
  • Send authorization information of an nsset to emails of the contacts linked with the nsset

3.5. Manage keysets

  • Check availability of a keyset
  • Create a keyset
  • Get info about a keyset
  • Delete a keyset
  • Transfer a keyset
  • Update a keyset
  • Send authorization information of a keyset to emails of the contacts linked with the keyset

3.6. FRED-client extras

  • Command help
  • Interactive input of commands
  • Session settings (language, poll auto-acknowledgement)
  • Debugging tools (verbosity, XML validation)
  • Fetch from info