2.3. CLI admin features

2.3.1. Manage zones

  • Create a zone

  • Assign name servers to a zone

  • Generate zone files (periodical)

2.3.2. Manage registrars

  • List all registrars

  • Add a registrar

  • Set registrar’s authentication data

  • Grant a registrar access to a zone

  • Include a registrar in a group of registrars

  • Record registrar’s certification

  • Create a group of registrars

  • Block a registrar

  • Unblock a registrar

  • Block registrars over request-usage limit (periodical)

2.3.3. Manage objects

  • Keep object states up-to-date and users notified about important events (periodical)

  • Remove expired and inactive objects (periodical)

  • Remind contacts to review their contact details (periodical)

  • Merge a pair of duplicate contacts (manual)

  • Merge a set of duplicate contacts (automatic)

  • Update DNSSEC keys from CDNSKEY records (AKM) (periodical)

  • Re-register a domain for another owner and force the domain expired

2.3.4. Manage finance

  • Set a price for an operation (with temporal validity)

  • Set invoice numbering

  • Import payments and attempt pairing (periodical)

  • Assign credit to a registrar and create an invoice

  • Generate poll messages about request usage (periodical)