3. Managed objects

The FRED EPP uses custom representations of registrable objects:

  • domain (regular or ENUM),

  • contact,

  • nsset = a set of name servers,

  • keyset = a set of DNSSEC keys.

Each registrable object is defined by its associated attributes which can be viewed and modified by the client (the designated registrar) or the server, and by command-response mapping.

Attribute values are defined by the data types of schemas (syntax, i.e. allowed characters, length, pattern), and sometimes additional constraints that are described in this chapter.

Custom managed objects are object-level extensions of EPP which appear in these XPaths:

  • standard commands: /epp/command/std-cmd/object:std-cmd

  • extending commands: /epp/extension/fred:extcommand/fred:ext-cmd/object:ext-cmd

Substitutions used in the XPaths:

  • std-cmd can be a name of a standard object-related command, such as create,

  • ext-cmd can be a name of an extending object-related command, such as sendAuthInfo,

  • object is a prefix for an object namespace.

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