3.2. Domains

A domain contains information which represents a regular domain or an ENUM domain.

Namespace: http://www.nic.cz/xml/epp/domain-1.4
Schema: domain-1.4.2.xsd


Domain name mapping is based on the standard RFC 5731 but implemented with the following modifications:

  • replacement of a list of name servers with an nsset,

  • addition of a keyset,

  • simplification of the list of contacts to just one type of contact (admin).

3.2.1. Object attributes

In addition to the common attributes, domains also have the following attributes:


The domain name. See Domain names and hostnames.


The handle of the domain owner contact.


The handle(s) of zero or more administrative contact(s).


The handle of a nameserver set.


The handle of a DNSSEC-key set.


The date of domain name expiration.

valExDate ENUM extension

The date of the expiration of ENUM domain validation.

publish ENUM extension + DEPRECATED

Flag of publishing an ENUM domain in a public ENUM directory.

This attribute has currently no meaning for the server and it will be removed in the future. Use of this attribute is discouraged.

3.2.2. Object states

A domain can have one or more of the following statuses:

  • ok – no other states are set

  • serverDeleteProhibited – deletion of the domain is forbidden

  • serverRenewProhibited – renewal of the domain is forbidden

  • serverTransferProhibited – transfer of the domain is forbidden

  • serverUpdateProhibited – update of the domain is forbidden

  • serverRegistrantChangeProhibited – the change of the registrant of the domain is forbidden

  • serverBlocked – the domain is blocked by administration

  • serverOutzoneManual – domain’s absence in the zone is forced by administration

  • serverInzoneManual – domain’s presence in the zone is forced by administration

  • expired – the domain is expired

  • outzone – the domain is not included in the zone

  • notValidated ENUM only – the ENUM domain is not validated

  • deleteCandidate – the domain is scheduled for deletion

3.2.3. Command-response mapping

For command-response mapping see a specific command syntax description:

3.2.4. ENUM domains

ENUM domains have the same set of attributes as regular domains except for two additional attributes. Therefore they are managed by the same commands & responses as regular domains, only the handling of the additional attributes requires extensions of the standard commands & responses, so that these attributes can be included in transactions where appropriate.

Namespace: http://www.nic.cz/xml/epp/enumval-1.2
Schema: enumval-1.2.0.xsd

These extensions are used with the following commands:

and with responses to the domain:info command.