3. Contacts

Contacts are a type of registrable objects which represents a natural or legal person in the Registry.

The FRED understands a contact without a value in the organization attribute as a natural person for the purpose of disclosure.

See also attributes of contacts (EPP Reference) for a description of contact details.

3.1. Roles of linked contacts

Contacts can have the following roles depending on the type of the registrable object to which they are linked:

  • the domain holder,

  • an administrative contact of a domain,

  • a technical contact of an nsset or a keyset.

The domain holder may request any modification of their domain, including the change of the domain holder.

An administrative contact may request any modification of the domain except the change of the domain holder. See also attributes of domains (EPP Reference).

technical contact may request any modification of the linked nsset or keyset. See also attributes of nssets (EPP Reference) or attributes of keysets (EPP Reference).

A single contact can appear in several roles.

3.2. Annual reminder

Contacts themselves are responsible for completeness, accuracy and recency of their contact details.

To keep contact information updated, contacts should be called on by email once a year to check their details and correct them if there was a change.

This can be set as a periodic task in the FRED.

3.3. Disclosure of information

The Registry defines policies for disclosure of contact information in the public interface (whois services):

  • the general approach (“Registry shows information” vs. “Registry hides information”),

  • disclosure of which attributes registrars will be allowed to manipulate (signal the contact’s preference opposite to the general approach), and

  • default disclosure settings if no preference is requested (show or hide per attribute).

All of this can be configured.