7.2. Error reasons

If a response was returned with an error result code, the response may also contain a reason that explains further why the error occurred.

The reason is provided in the language of the session.

Possible reasons of errors are:

  1. An invalid format of the contact handle

  2. An invalid format of the nsset handle

  3. An invalid format of the domain name

  4. The domain name not applicable

  5. An invalid format

  6. Registered already

  7. Within the protection period

  8. An invalid IP address

  9. An invalid nameserver hostname

  10. A duplicate nameserver address

  11. Glue IP address not applicable

  12. The validity period exceeds the allowed maximum

  13. The validity period is not an integer multiple of the allowed step

  14. An unknown country code

  15. An unknown message ID

  16. A validation expiration date not applicable

  17. The validation expiration date is not valid

  18. The technical contact cannot be removed

  19. The technical contact is assigned to the object already

  20. The technical contact does not exist

  21. The administrative contact is assigned to the object already

  22. The administrative contact does not exist

  23. The nsset does not exist

  24. The registrant contact does not exist

  25. The nameserver is included in the nsset already

  26. The nameserver is not included in the nsset

  27. The domain expiration date does not match recorded data

  28. The “transfer” element is missing an “op” attribute

  29. The “ident” element is missing a “type” attribute

  30. The “poll” element is missing an “msgID” attribute

  31. Registration is prohibited

  32. XML validation error:

  33. A duplicate contact

  34. An invalid format of the keyset handle

  35. The keyset does not exist

  36. Unauthorized access to the object

  37. Too many administrative contacts

  38. Too many DS records

  39. Too many DNSKEY records

  40. No DNSKEY record

  41. The “flags” field must be 0, 256 or 257

  42. The “protocol” field must be 3

  43. An unsupported value of the “alg” field, see IANA DNS Security Algorithm Numbers

  44. The “key” field has an invalid length

  45. The “key” field contains an invalid character

  46. The DNSKEY exists for the keyset already

  47. The DNSKEY does not exist for the keyset

  48. A duplicate DNSKEY

  49. The keyset must have a DNSKEY record or a DS record

  50. A duplicate nameserver hostname

  51. The administrative contact is not assigned to the object

  52. Temporary contacts are discontinued

  53. The validity period is shorter than the allowed minimum