5.2. Registrar administration

All registrar information can be managed via the WebAdmin after login.

5.2.1. List all registrars

Select in the WebAdmin menu: Registrars ‣ List

Or run on the command line sudo fred-admin --registrar_list (XML output containing all registrars’ details).

5.2.2. View registrar’s details

List all registrars or search for a registrar in the WebAdmin and then click on its handle to display the details.

5.2.3. Add a registrar

To add a new registrar in the WebAdmin, follow this procedure:

  1. Select Registrars ‣ Create new from the menu to display the edit form and fill it in:

    • Registrar data – contact and billing information (handle and country are mandatory)

    • Authentication – password and MD5 sum of the certificate for EPP connection

    • Zones – grant access to zones

    • Groups – assign membership in groups (you may need to create a group first)

    • Certifications – evaluation of registrar’s retail services (it can be used in the public overview of registrars (default location: http://localhost/whois/registrars.py, see also the Certification programme in the CZ.NIC)

  2. Click the Save button to save the new registrar.

Or provide the details on the command line. (See the program help for command parameters.)

  • Registrar data: sudo fred-admin --registrar_add <parameters>

  • Authentication: sudo fred-admin --registrar_acl_add <parameters>

  • Zones: sudo fred-admin --registrar_add_zone <parameters>

  • Groups: sudo fred-admin --registrar_into_group <parameters>

  • Certifications: sudo fred-admin --registrar_create_certification <parameters>

5.2.4. Edit registrar’s details

To modify registrar’s information, use the WebAdmin:

  1. View registrar’s details, then scroll to the bottom and click Edit to display the edit form.

  2. Edit the details (see Add a registrar for a description of the details).

  3. Click the Save button, when you finish, to save the changes.

5.2.5. Registrar blocking

Blocking a registrar means that their EPP access is suspended until the end of the current month. The usual reason is that a registrar wants to cease activity when their monthly budget for EPP requests is exhausted. Block a registrar

Registrars are blocked by the system automatically if they exceed their preset price limit for EPP requests and the periodic task to block registrars over limit is set up.

Registrars cannot be blocked via the WebAdmin.

In case of emergency, a registrar can be blocked on the command line:

sudo fred-admin --block_registrar_id <registrar_id>


If a registrar was unblocked this month, they cannot be blocked again till the next month. Unblock a registrar

A registrar can be unblocked via the WebAdmin:

  1. View registrar’s details, scroll down and click the Unblock button.

  2. You will be prompted for an extra confirmation by retyping a number. Type it and hit OK.

  3. The registrar is unblocked.

Or on the command line:

sudo fred-admin --unblock_registrar_id <registrar_id>

5.2.6. Registrar groups

Registrar groups are handy when you want to categorize the registrars, e.g. to mark which of them support DNSSEC or IPv6.

To view the list of groups, select in the WebAdmin menu: Registrars ‣ Groups

You can change membership in a group when you edit registrar’s details. Create a group

In the list of groups, find the last (empty) form field, enter the name of a new group and click Save.

Or provide the details on the command line: sudo fred-admin --registrar_create_group <parameters> (see the program help for parameters). Rename a group

In the list of groups, find the group you want to rename, rewrite the name in the form field and click Save. Remove a group

In the list of groups, find the group you want to delete, check the Delete checkbox and click Save.


The WebAdmin lets you remove only empty groups.

5.2.7. Assign a payment to a registrar


Changed in version 2.38: This feature is no longer supported in Daphne (WebAdmin). You may assign payments using Django PAIN or through the Accounting interface directly.

See The Future of Payments & Invoices.