Considerations for upgrade to FRED 2.37

Registry operator

Policies of the EPP server are hard-coded in this version. If the new policies do not suit your needs, wait for a future version that will make these policies configurable.

Because we needed to hide most of personal information in the production database that used to be shown, we created a utility that can reset disclosure preferences in existing contacts. We have used the utility fred-disclose-flags-update to reset disclose flags according to these rules (ignoring former preferences):

  • Hide all attributes except name, organization, and address.

  • If a contact (of a natural person) is verified, hide address, too.

Note that these rules also apply when new contacts are created and when they become verified, and that these rules are part of the hard-coded policies.

Whether you will reset the disclose flags of existing contacts or not, and how, is up to you, as it is not necessary.


If you decide to upgrade, your registrars will need to check that their custom EPP client programs are able to work with flag="1" when:

  • interpreting disclosure preference described in responses to contact:info,

  • requesting disclosure preference with contact:create and contact:update,

and adapt them, eventually.

If they use fred-client, they just need to upgrade to the version 2.10, which can deal with both the old and the new policy.

The public

Remember that the disclosure preferences affect, which contact information can be seen in WHOIS and RDAP.