Version 2.38

See repository changelogs for more details.

Release 2.38.5


  • AKM Client: fix insecured-domain key acceptance when interfered by a manually-added keyset

Release 2.38.4


  • (CZ-specific) Server (fred-mifd): fix MojeID PIN3 resending


Resending of PIN3 was removed in FRED 2.48.0. New request can be created.

Release 2.38.3


  • (CZ-specific) Stat collector: fix parsing of realms with asterisk in authority in MojeID stats

Release 2.38.2


  • fred-pain: Log suspicious invoices from FRED

  • (CZ-specific) Stat collector: query optimizations, add Py3 support

  • Transproc: Restrict console logging to ERROR level

  • WebWhois: Return status codes to HTML data- attributes of object details

Release 2.38.1


  • Database:
    • fix mail_archive migration (modifies behaviour of the upgrade scripts 2.32.0-2.33.0-{1,3,4}-*.sql, see updated How to migrate email data to FRED 2.35)

    • drop a constraint to allow multiple invoices for a single payment or a single invoice for multiple payments


      Run the upgrade script 2.35.0-2.35.1.sql, if you want to use PAIN with FRED 2.38.

  • Server (fred-accifd): fix search for a registrar by payment data

  • Transproc: add another CZ-specific bank connector

Release 2.38.0


  • Server (fred-admin): change --zone_ns_add syntax – when entering multiple IP addresses, separate them with a space or repeat the argument (see Adding zone name servers)

  • Server: remove an obsolete database layer from back end

  • Mod-eppd, Server (fred-rifd): make disclosure policy and default disclose flags configurable, see also Considerations for upgrade to FRED 2.38

  • improve public requests – asynchronous processing with a command in fred-admin

  • continue porting to setuptools (doc2pdf, transproc)

  • continue porting to Python 3

  • PAIN Phase 1 – detach payment import and processing from FRED,
    see also The Future of Payments & Invoices and Considerations for upgrade to FRED 2.38

    • new Django application django-pain
      • fred-pain: FRED plugin for PAIN

      • payments-pain: Ginger plugin for PAIN (not released to the public)

    • IDL: new Accounting interface

    • Database: migrate bank_payment table to PAIN DB

    • Server:
      • fred-admin: remove --bank_import_xml command

      • new daemon fred-accifd will handle registrar credit based on payments already processed with PAIN

      • currently in transitional state - handles payment import call from PAIN because invoices are still managed with FRED

    • Transproc:
      • rename back-end command configuration variables

      • call django-pain instead of fred-admin

    • WebAdmin:
      • remove Payments (move manual pairing to PAIN)

      • change format for saving search filters


  • Server (fred-admin): check that a domain has not been deleted yet before deleting it (using the command --object_delete_candidates with the argument --object_delete_spread_during_time used to log an error when attempting to delete a domain repeatedly)

  • Mod-eppd, Client: show extra-addr extension in the EPP greeting (<extURI></extURI>) when enabled in mod-eppd

    • Client upgrade is necessary!

  • Server (fred-rifd): in sendauthinfo operations, check validity of the main email address of linked contacts; if there is no valid address in any of the linked contacts, end with the “2400 Command failed” error to signify that nothing will be sent