Version 2.37

See repository changelogs for more details.

Release 2.37.3


  • Doc2pdf: (CZ-specific) fixed helios.xsl transformation (invoice export)

Release 2.37.2


  • Database: restore (alter function schemas for security reasons)

Release 2.37.1


  • Server: fixed sending of AuthInfo to multiple recipients when sending it to an email in the registry

  • Server: fixed separator escaping in CSV serializer

Release 2.37.0


  • GDPR compliance – dealing with personal information
    • EPP: server disclosure policy switched to hide by default (used to be show by default):
      • changed greeting content: dcp/access/all -> dcp/access/none

      • contact:info response displays disclosure settings with flag="1" (in reverse to previous versions)

      • affected also behaviour of contact:create and contact:update

    • added new public request types (requests for personal information) with a new web form, fred-admin procedure, filtering and resolving in Daphne, and an email template

    • provided utility fred-disclose-flags-update for a custom reset of contact disclosure preference

    • see also Considerations for upgrade to FRED 2.37

  • DB: improved email template for contact identification (included phone number)

  • WebWhois: removed some configuration options from the list of registrars (moved to CMS)

  • removed old IDL types in pyfco (affects WebWhois, RDAP, Daphne)

  • continuing preparations to port Python 2 code to Python 3


  • Daphne: fixed returning zone access to a registrar from whom the access to this zone was taken away before

  • EPPClient: fixed interpretation of disclose flags in responses to contact:info to handle both the old and the new server disclosure policy