Version 2.42

See repository changelogs for more details.

Release 2.42.0


    • new project for modern web administration interface (future Daphne replacement)

    • implemented search and detail browser for basic registry objects (domain, contact, nsset, keyset, registrar) including history

    • implemented user request and data access logging

    • implemented possibility to add additional contact representative to registry contact

    • support for FIDO2 authentication

  • Domain life-cycle parameters can be now changed over time (with parameters history being maintained).
    • fred-admin --domain_lifecycle_parameters
      • new interface for domain life-cycle parameters management

      • replacement for domain parameters originally set with --enum_parameter_change


  • fred/server
    • fred-admin --block_registrar_over_limit – fix daily e-mail notification (query time zone)

  • fred/server
    • fred-admin --process_public_requests – fix e-mail notification after resolving block/unblock requests