Version 2.39

See repository changelogs for more details.

Release 2.39.2


  • Minor changes in packaging (client, pyfred, server, transproc, webadmin)

  • IDL (Accounting): Add optional custom tax date to payment import

  • Server: Fix default configuration

Release 2.39.1


  • Cdnskey-scanner: Prolong the time gap between DNS queries

  • Database: Fix autoanalysis of contact and contact_address tables

  • (CZ-specific) Server (fred-mifd): Fix detection of changes in MojeID contact data (avoid dropping of verification states)

  • Server: Fix logging in unix whois (IDN conversion error)

Release 2.39.0


  • all components: update LICENSEs to GPLv3+ (code) and CC BY-SA 4.0 (docs)

  • Database: add UUID identifier for registrable objects and their history records

  • Libfred: a new component and repository that reimplements operations on core registry objects

  • Server: remove an obsolete database layer from back end – phase 2

  • Daphne: allow administrative unblocking of a contact together with a domain if possible

  • complete porting C++ components from Autotools to CMake – affects installation from sources

  • continue porting Python components from Distutils to Setuptools (Client, WebAdmin)

  • Client repository no longer contains compiled fred-client, added README with build instructions