Version 2.46

See repository changelogs for more details.

Release 2.46.0


  • fred/api/registry
    • add log_entry_id into history records of objects

  • fred/rdap
  • fred/api/logger
    • add log_entry_ident and session_ident to message LogEntryInfo in service SearchLoggerHistory


    • add new logger module for searching and viewing logs

    • add possibility of more than one reporting backend

    • add date-time picker into date-time widget in Messages

    • add pasting of date from clipboard into date-time widget in Messages

    • minor adjustments of report list module


  • fred
    • fix build for Fendora Linux distribution

  • fred/server and fred/libfred
    • fix of auto registering procedure

    • rework object factories to manual registration instead of the malfunctioning automatic merge procedure

  • fred/server
    • fix 101 not found error in the case of existing registrar after the command whois -h -T registrar HANDLE

    • fix poll message updateData sending after domain/keyset/nsset change by system registrar

    • fix value of transfered and updated attributes (dates)