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Version 2.48 released

Dec. 1, 2023

Based on numerous wishes, we are now releasing a new version of the FRED system even before the completion of internal tests.
This release contains a comprehensive package of improvements that have been implemented into our domain registry system over the past 12+ months. Most of the changes have been gradually deployed into the production of .CZ domain infrastructure. Public version could only be released after completion of several interrelated changes. This will allow smoother upgrade. However, before switching to this version, we strongly recommend carefully studying all changes, or contacting our team to get support, see
The most important news of this version are:
- complete redesign and modularization of the message generation and distribution system
- implemented configurable support for the domain name auction system
- the next stage of migration from CORBA technology to gRPC
- extensive expansion of the functionality of the FERDA administration interface
- improvements and fixes to the AuthInfo with TTL implementation
- a completely new system for verifying contact data in the registry
- removal of the source code of obsolete and no longer needed modules
Complete list of changes is provided in the documentation.