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The current public release of FRED is 2.49.0 (2024-03-20). Read the release notes .

Install binaries

Binaries can be installed through the two most wide-spread package managers: apt and yum. All necessary information can be found in the Administration Manual:

Download source code

Source code of the FRED is divided into several subprojects, which are published on GitLab – see subprojects & repositories overview .

For the purpose of installation, we recommend to download the tarballs using a list of sources below to make sure that the versions of the subprojects are compatible.

See also the Installation chapter in documentation.

Lists of

EPP clients


New interactive console client fred-eppic (python >= 3.8) based on standalone library fred-epplib for EPP communication.


Discontinued since FRED 2.49.0
Old console client fred-client (Python 3.6 – 3.9). Preconfigured console client installation with certificates and access data fred-client-openinstance.

EPP Client in JAVA

Open source EPP client for Java language developed by ACTIVE 24