Argentina introduced the Czech system FRED for the administration of its internet domains


[Press release] The Argentinian national domain registrar will use the Czech registration system FRED (Free Registry for ENUM and Domains) for the administration of its ...

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FRED 2.23 released


We have released a version 2.23 of FRED registry system. This version includes RDAP server and is again available for most recent versions of ...

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Introducing FRED

What is FRED

The Free Registry for ENUM and Domains (a.k.a. FRED) is open-source software for running domain and ENUM Registry, developed by the CZ.NIC, the .CZ and domain Registry.

General Public License

The software is licensed under the GNU General Public License which means that you can run and redistribute FRED further for any purpose. You can get the source code, study how it works and modify it or adapt it to your specific needs. Finally, you can improve FRED and release your improvements to the public.

Plug and play

Pre-compiled binaries in both the most widespread package systems—RPM and DEB—make FRED very easy to deploy. The only steps you have to take are: performing the package installation, setting the domain you want to register and launching the system. That's it. FRED also comes with a full-featured command line and a development library (Python) for easy integration into other systems. So Registrars can benefit from Plug & Play, too.

Based on latest technologies

The system was written from scratch in 2006 and the software has been being improved and updated constantly since then. That ensures latest technologies are used to provide maximum performance, customizability and innovative features. Yet FRED is based on industry standards such as Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) for Registry–Registrar communication (real-time over SSL secured TCP connection). The standards are even extended to provide sophisticated features and to increase user friendliness.

High performance

FRED is optimized for high performance—it can handle roughly 200 registry-changing operations per second (registrations, updates, renews or deletes) with millions domains within the Registry on common server-grade hardware (tested up to 20 millions domains). Such performance together with easy scalability options provides longer hardware and software life cycle ensuring no problems when the Registry grows in the future.


Beside the usual support from the authors, you can also keep in touch with the latest news and development through various tools such as documentation or mailing list. FRED software is a part of the registration system for administration of the .CZ domain in the Czech Republic, therefore it is fairly certain that the system will be developed and innovated in the future. The FRED software is also employed by domain Registries in the following countries:

  • Angola
  • Tanzania
  • Costa Rica
  • Faroe Island
  • Albania
  • Macedonia
  • Malawi
  • Argentina