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Ferda WebAdmin

Ferda is an improved web administration interface designed to operate the FRED system. Viewing and managing registrars and objects within the FRED system are the main activities that will help people working with data in the register. Ferda is currently available in Czech and English.

Smart search in current and historical data

Search for all objects in the registry (contact, domain, set of keys, set of name servers) according to the partial or complete compliance of the selected data with the sorting according to relevance.

Two-factor authentication and other features for increased security

Ferda enables basic authentication with a local name and password, login via LDAP and other methods (thanks to the flexibility of the Django framework and third-party libraries). Whatever method you use, Ferda also offers the ability to enable and enforce two-factor authentication using FIDO 2 security keys.

The system enabling various levels of authorization and logging of performed operations protects all sensitive data. Ferda also offers the possibility to freely set the length of the period for logging out when not in use. Sensitive data is automatically redirected and hidden after you log out.

Easy reporting

Ferda allows you to define your own postgres functions for searching and filtering data. This makes it easy to generate frequently used reports, such as the current status of registrar credits, pre-expiration domains, or any data set of your choice.

Data history with comparison

Ferda displays history as a comparison of two selected historical moments. All data that differs between versions is highlighted, so you can see easily what's changed.

All news in one place

All e-mails, SMS and letters are clearly in one place. Plus, with the integrated search feature, you'll find exactly what you're looking for quickly and easily.

Technology background

Ferda accesses data in the registry and other sources of information through a modern gRPC interface. The user interface implemented in Vue.js is designed in accordance with the widely used graphics standard Material Design. The backend uses the proven Django web framework. All sensitive operations are logged in an audit database.