2.3. Prohibitions

Prohibitions are flags which affect the basic flow of objects’ life cycle or forbid some operations on objects.


The prohibitions do NOT apply to the system registrar!
No matter which prohibition flags are set, the system registrar may always modify objects.





Prohibition flags

Allowed for


Owner Change Prohibited serverRegistrantChangeProhibited
The registrar may not change the domain owner (update_domain ... <registrant> ...).

Renewal Prohibited serverRenewProhibited
The registrar may not renew the domain.

Allowed for

all registrable objects

Deletion Prohibited serverDeleteProhibited
The registrar may not delete the object.

Transfer Prohibited serverTransferProhibited
Registrars may not transfer the object.

Update Prohibited serverUpdateProhibited
The registrar may not update the object.

2.3.1. User blocking (locks)

Any registrable object may be blocked as an enhanced security setting by a contact linked to this object or the contact itself via the public requests.





  • 0 (zero state)no blocking
    If the object has no blocking, the registrant may request to block transfer or block all changes (transfer and update).

  • blocked transfer (serverTransferProhibited flag)
    If transfer is already blocked, the registrant may request either to unblock transfer or to block all changes.

  • blocked all changes (serverTransferProhibited and serverUpdateProhibited flags)
    The registrant may request to unblock all changes.

These changes are allowed only assuming that the object does not have the flag serverBlocked.

2.3.2. Administrative blocking


EPP, expiration, obsoletion

Domains (together with the domain owners, eventually) can be blocked by the Registry operator via Daphne, e.g. when the registration rules or the law are being violated, or when there is a police investigation or litigation ongoing.

When an object is blocked by the Registry operator, it has the flag serverBlocked.

Blocked serverBlocked domains, contacts
Prohibitions are set by the Registry operator and they can be revoked only by the Registry operator.

To define a blocking state, any combination of the prohibition flags above can be set, and in domains, this can even be combined with the manual zone presence flags serverInzoneManual or serverOutzoneManual.

There are no restrictions on transitions from one blocking state to another.