2.2. Non-domains obsoletion

Non-domains are contacts, nssets, or keysets.

The life cycle of these objects is influenced mainly by their usage in EPP operations, and prohibitions eventually.





Allowed for:

contacts, nssets, keysets




Non-domains obsoletion

Basic flow

  • linked
    As long as an object is assigned to another object (also is flagged linked), it cannot become obsolete.
    When an unlinked object is linked again, the protection period is “reset”.

  • 0 (zero state)
    Once the object is unlinked, it can become obsolete.
    This is the moment when the protection period starts running.

  • deleteCandidate
    When the object has been left idle (unlinked and not modified) for the whole protection period of 2 months (configurable), then the deleteCandidate flag is set, unless there is delete prohibition on the object.
    If set, the Registry is allowed to delete the object.


Delete prohibition prevents the Registry from setting the deleteCandidate flag on the object and consequently deleting the object, until the delete prohibition is revoked.

Formal rules

See Non-domain obsoletion rules.