1.4. System initialization

The system is installed and running, however it still is not fully functional – domains cannot be registered yet because the database does not contain any information about zones or registrars. This initial data must be put in, first.

There are two ways to initialize the system:

  • you can run the provided config-zone script for a quick setup of a single TLD zone – see below, or

  • you can use administration tools directly to input custom data – this is described in detail in the Registry initialization chapter.

1.4.1. Config-zone script

For a simple setup of your particular TLD, you can download and use this Python script as follows.

It takes a TLD as an argument and generates a set of shell commands on std.output, which can be directly executed. Of course, you can have a look at those commands first to see what they do.

They will configure a zone, setup zero price for registrations and create one system registrar with the handle REG-TLD and EPP password passwd. Zone SOA parameters are extracted from the real DNS.

Here is an example of usage with the .cz TLD:

Config-zone script usage example
# Download the script
wget -O fred-config-zone.py https://fred.nic.cz/public/media/1689167142/149/
# Generate a configuration script for a particular zone
python3 fred-config-zone.py cz > fred-config-cz.sh
# Run the script
. fred-config-cz.sh