Free as in freedom

GNU Icon FRED is licensed under GNU General Public License, which means that you keep your software freedom. You can run FRED for any purpose. You can get the source code, study how it works and modify it or adapt it to your specific needs. You can redistribute FRED further. And finally you can improve FRED and release your improvements to the public, if you want.

Know-how & Independence

Know-How Icon What can you learn, if someone else runs the registry for you or if you buy a black box software you know nothing about? Nothing or very little. But if you start using FRED, it might be difficult at the beginning, but once you operate domain registry yourself, you will constantly extend your knowledge – you will familiarize your own know-how. You will be on your own!

Any hardware OK to run FRED

HW IconFred is designed to run primarily on Linux operating system (but it will probably run on other Unix operating systems as well), which means you have a variety of hardware platform choices. FRED can also run on lower grade hardware with sufficient performance for day-to-day operation.

Plug & play

Plug and Play IconPre-compiled binaries in both most widespread package systems – RPM and DEB, make FRED very easy to deploy. The only steps you have to do are: proceed package installation, set the domain you want to register and launch the system. That's it. FRED also comes with full-featured command line and graphical clients with development library for easy integration into other systems. So the registrars can benefit from plug & play too.

Community supported

Community Icon Besides the usual support from the authors, a global community of FRED developers and users has been already founded, so that you will be able to seek help, cooperate on problem resolution and share your experience with the others soon. You can keep in touch with latest news and development through various tools such as HOWTOs, mailing-list, bug tracking etc.

Test drive first then decide

Test Drive IconThere is no need to spend amount of time by evaluating of FRED. Downloading LiveCD with sample registry and booting it on any available computer is enough to test all FRED's features.

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