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First of all, we recommend to read the documentation.


The documentation consists of several publications, each having a different purpose:

  • Features give an idea about FRED's functionality and contain concise feature lists grouped by FRED's interfaces.

  • Concepts describe the deeper meaning of various terms and abstractions, they explain constructs, design decisions, and intents.

  • Architecture description looks at the features from a more technical point of view, giving an overview of data flows at the system's boundary, and describing top-level software components of the system and how they cooperate.

  • Administration manual is more practical and helps system administrators install, configure, customize and maintain the system, and also describes procedures for registry administration tasks (registrar access, domain blocking etc.) in Daphne and on the command line.

  • EPP reference manual introduces FRED's implementation of the EPP protocol to registrars' developers and contains a detailed reference of all EPP requests and responses, both standard and extending.

  • RDAP API reference manual describes FRED's implementation of the RDAP protocol.

Source code for the documentation is on the GitHub. If you have suggestions on the documentation, please submit an issue.

FRED EPP client docs


If you need help building, running or troubleshooting a problem with FRED or related components,

Additional information

Presentations on various aspects of FRED:

Specification of the domain administration system (2006)
If you want to understand better where FRED comes from, you may want to read this old system requirements specification. FRED's functionality has been being modified and extended somehow since then but the core functionality remains the same.