1. Introduction

Ferda is a new and enhanced web administration interface and tool for FRED and it is expected to replace the Daphne webadmin in the future.

Ferda is meant mainly for helpdesk workers who can use it to view and manage registrars and objects within the FRED system. You can see registrar and object details, the entire object history, e-mails, letters and SMS messages, passwords, etc.

The current set of features is listed in Ferda webadmin features.

1.1. Architecture

Communication between front end and back end is achieved through the gRPC framework.

The back end is written in C++ and accesses the FRED databases.

The front end is a Django project with a separate database.

Diagram of Ferda architecture

Ferda architecture diagram


  • Green components are developed by the CZ.NIC Association and they are parts of Ferda communicating through the gRPC framework.

  • Arrows signify direct cooperation of components (the arrow points at the component which serves the other component); neither the colour nor the style of arrows carry any meaning.