1.3. Installation of binaries on Fedora or RHEL/CentOS

This section will guide you through installation of pre-compiled binaries on Fedora or RHEL/CentOS systems.

Before you start, make sure that all system requirements are met, see System requirements.


Remember to set the timezone in PostgreSQL to UTC.

You can install the binaries by following these installation steps:

1.3.1. Installation steps

  1. Get information about the FRED repository

    dnf config-manager --add-repo http://archive.nic.cz/yum/fred/fedora/fred.repo
    # in case of Redhat/CentOS 7 enable epel and use yum
    # yum install epel-release
    # yum-config-manager --add-repo http://archive.nic.cz/yum/fred/epel/fred.repo
  2. Install all FRED packages

    dnf install fred-*
    # in case of Redhat/CentOS use yum
    # yum install fred-*
  3. Install the database schema

    The setup script installs table schemas and fills enumeration tables; it does NOT initialize the system with basic data – the latter is described in the System initialization section.

    /usr/bin/postgresql-setup initdb
  4. Start services

    service postgresql start
    service omniNames start
    service fred-server start
    service httpd start
    service fred-webadmin-server start
  5. Finished. You can test the installation now.


Before you start using the system, you must initialize it.